Why Radio is Better than Television

Radio is far better than television just as reading is better than watching. There is a great difference of radio broadcasting from a watching a television. First, it is better to listen than to watch. This is because listening motivates you to imagine and imaginative skills will be developed.

You can do the more important things while listening to radio broadcasts. You do not need to go in front of a television being disturbed from work. You can be updated by just listening to a radio.When you are driving, you want to hear the news so you just have to turn on the radio. Of course, you can not just watch a television while driving. People who are busy working in the farm will be able to hear news and be updated to what is happening. Of course, they do not install TV in the farm so radio is the practical way for them to be entertained and to be informed.

When you have a radio, you can hear different songs from different channels though you do not have a media music. You will be able to listen to music in any case. People know what to do with radio in any situation. If there is radio, you know what you have to do next according to the news wherever you go wherever you are. Just like TV, monodrama are also good to hear when you ¬†are bored. Your listening skills will be developed since you have to distinguish each and every character’s voices. Radio is really good for all people. Radio is best for soldiers and farmers.